memorymemory Here is your chance to purchase a Memory Lane- Digital Collection from images taken over previous years. This collection is perfect for those who have years of sports, dances, parades, graduations, pep rallies, pageants, etc. You will be provided with a password protected limited time online web album of those collected as well as a CD / Thumb drive of your files. For current RCHS Seniors, this will also include all events throughout the senior year (dances, parades, pep rallies, graduation, etc).

Please note- We understand that this collection will not be ideal for everyone. Some may have already purchased certain years already, others may not have many years taken, and others may just have a few random photos discovered.  If you wish to have a collection searched prior to committing to a full price collection cost (to see if your child has enough images), please choose the deposit option in the dropdown below and you will be put on the priority list to be given access to your own personal limited time web collection. From there, you can decide if you want a full collection, or if you only need individual downloads or none at all. 

To organize requests, we will put priority for those who know they want the full collection and pay upfront, then those who put down a deposit, and finally those who want to see a collection first before committing to a payment.  

We appreciate your interest in this offer! Please understand, this project will take some research and time, so be patient as we find your memories!

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Memory Lane Collection Options
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